Solid Walnut Dovetail Drawer Boxes / Solid Walnut Dovetailed Drawers Standard and Bespoke Sizes

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CNC IT NOW offers high-quality dovetailed drawer boxes manufacturing services across a range of wood materials. Our state-of-the-art CNC Wood Routing, Laser CNC and Dovetailing Equipment has the capacity to take on small or large projects.

Solid Walnut Dovetail Drawers / Solid Walnut Dovetailed Drawer Boxes. Please note that we do not keep in stock any units. Everything is manufactured on order. All orders are manufactured within 17 working days, but we endeavour to manufacture quicker than that.

During busy periods, bespoke products and large orders could take longer. We strictly work on first ordered first delivered basis. Clarify the waiting times, if required.

You can make your order completely Bespoke! You have 12 hours from the moment the order has been placed to notify us about any extras such as, but not limited to: 1) request quotations for bespoke requirements 2) router engraving 3) laser engraving 4) end panels 5) pegboards 6) kickboards 7) doors 8) base units 9) drawer boxes fronts 10) cutlery trays 11) additional furnishings (i.e. handles etc) 12) workshop assembly 13) wall units 14) tall units 15) build in units 16) lacquering 17) your imagination is our limitation, as long as it is in 3 axis ...

We reserve the right to charge what in our opinion is appropriate to cover additional extras and requests. We will always notify you about the extra cost before manufacturing commencement. Once manufacturing process has started, no changes are accepted.

The dovetailed drawer boxes are made from 15mm solid walnut (sides and fronts/backs) and 10mm (base) walnut veneered mdf and do not include runners. The dovetail drawers are made as standard type. Enlarge the photo to see the standard joints type we use in details. We utilise solid walnut of B grade, supplied by a reputable supplier.

Let us know if you need any notching for undermount runners to be routed. Our assembled dovetail drawer boxes are made on Dovetailing machine and packed straight after that.

While all products are bare and untreated, ready to be lacquered, oiled or painted by your side, additional prep and minor filling work will be required from your side.

At the same time let us know, if you want dovetail drawers to be lacquered or primed, we can quote for that, too. Any questions - just ask!

Classic Bespoke solid walnut dovetail drawers. Our Classic Bespoke solid walnut dovetail drawer boxes are made using carefully selected high grade solid timber.

Solid walnut is denoted for its strength, reliability and attractive appearance due to its grain markings. Solid walnut dovetail drawers offer a premium finish and are a popular choice for high end bespoke walnut kitchen and furniture projects.

CNC IT NOW manufacturing process produces smooth, precision cut dovetail drawer boxes that are hand finished to a high standard, further enhancing the strength already inherently within the selected walnut timber. The solid walnut dovetail drawers boxes are made to a bespoke size to fit your exact project requirements and supplied fully glued, assembled and can be prepared for runners.

The drawer boxes can have a 10% clear lacquer for long lasting durability if requested.

CNC IT NOW drawers have stringent quality control procedures in place to ensure you receive the drawer boxes in immaculate condition. We are happy to accommodate specific details for our customers. Our knowledge and experience as cabinet makers combined with state of the art machinery allows us to manufacture high quality dovetailed drawer boxes supplying customers nationwide.

Quality dovetail drawers handmade using carefully selected high grade solid walnut. Solid Wooden dovetail drawers for your Kitchen and Bedrooms. Available to order: high quality dovetailed drawers.  All drawers are available in a variety of sizes of solid walnut.

All prices and type of finish are negotiated prior payments are made.

Any technical questions - just ask!