AlphaCNC Benchtop Routing CNC Machine ABT-6012 (600*1200mm | 24″ X 48″)

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  • Cast Iron Structure, Provide You The Best Rigid From A Small CNC Router
  • 600*900mm Or 600*1200mm
  • Precision Ball Screws On All Three Axes
  • Linear Rails & Bearings On All Three Axes
  • 2.2kw Liquid-Coolant Spindle
  • Brushless Micro Stepper Motors And Controls
  • Automatic Tool Calibration Pad
  • No Assembly Required – No Bolt Together Designs
  • Custom Options Available To Meet Your Exact Needs
  • Free Lifetime Tech Support
ABT-6090 ABT-6012
Footprint 900*1200*400mm 900*1500*400mm
Cut Area 600*900*150mm 600*1200*150mm
Z Clearance 150mm standard 150mm standard
Rapid Speed 8000 mm/mins 8000 mm/mins
Repeatability 0.05mm 0.05mm
Drive Motors Leadshine Nema 34 Stepper Leadshine Nema 34 Stepper
Drive System Precision Ball Screws On All Three Axes Precision Ball Screws On All Three Axes
Spindle 2.2kw Liquid-Coolant Spindle 2.2kw Liquid-Coolant Spindle
Controller Mach 3 Ethernet (DSP Optional) Mach 3 Ethernet (DSP Optional)


Standard Available options

Available attachments for Alpha CNC router models. Please note that some options may not be available on all models or with other options. Some options may result in limiting the cutting/working areas. Contact us for more details

  • 3kw Spindle
  • Hybrid T-Slot/Vacuum Table Top
  • Rotary Axis
  • Dust Collector Options
  • Control PC
  • Richauto DSP Controller

So, what software is involved in CNC? There are primarily three parts:

  1. Your CAD (Computer Aided Design) software is where you design your parts to be routed, lathed, milled, or cut.
  2. CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software converts your CAD drawings into G-code, which is the programming language that the CNC control software understands.
  3. The CNC control software (which is the controller of the machine)then reads the G-code and turns it into motion to drive your machine.